how to add watermark to pdf using c#

What you need to carry out is actually create an EndPage technique which utilizes a pdfmark to draw a comment on the page using c#. The appeal flow for the annotation will include the illustration procedures for the ‘watermark’. , if you wish the appearance to involve transparency you may well need to add a transparency team however that can be actually carried out along with a pdfmark as well.

If you can manage making use of simply text instead of an image for watermarking, after that you can simulate watermark along with ‘setlinewidth stroke’.

i am actually making use of observing c# code to create pdf file, everything is fine and also functioning yet i need to have to incorporate watermark along with the pdf report likewise alternate colour to rows created in pdf dining table.

Establishing the group to enabled or handicapped “setGroupEnabled( groupName, true)” induces it to show for each displaying and also imprinting. According to other information I have researched on this topic it is actually achievable to more carefully tune when extra web content shows up, which signifies the life of onScreen and onPrint Boolean attributes that could be readied to establish the exposure of the web content. Find

, if you desire incorporate an watermark as a image u can use the code below.. A various other way to include a text watermark is to make use of annotations.

I have actually composed the following code to put the watermark on each page of an existing pdf and permit each group of extra content.

I have made this as well as other attributes like code security, search, split and merge offered from an ordinary outdated celebration (POB) available resource CLI task in github knowned as pdf-bash-tools.

Below is added code to make a c# watermark pdf coming from a chain (createOverlay) as well as a functionality (addWatermark) that refers to as the LayerUtility passing the watermark document. All that is actually needed is to develop a PDDocument from any sort of existing pdf report and pass it with the watermark string.

PostScript performs not sustain transparency, thus you may certainly not instantly make use of PostScript to obtain ‘opacity’. Ghostscript performs promote the pdfmark driver, and for PDF outcome simply it is achievable to use this.

You require the ‘image’ driver, which is actually described in the third version PostScript Language Reference Guidebook. Likewise page 607 describes the driver. The stance of the image is provided due to the present aspect, modified due to the Tx and Ty participants of the Matrix offered to the image operator.

The only means to add content per page is actually going to be to make use of PostScript to accomplish it for you. Adding a custom-made EndPage operation will certainly permit you to place marks on the made page bitmap (or even when it comes to pdfwrite, tag on to the page information flow) instantly just before the page is actually finalized.

Is actually any sort of technique to incorporate watermark on each pdf with command line? due to the fact that I require set up params coming from code

The PDF standard has what you desire, see in the PDF spec for “Entries in an Optionally Available Content Use Dictionary”. I don’t see how it is assisted in PDFBox, I’ve discovered this comment in the code: “// TODO Add assistance for “Intent” as well as “Usage””.

Exists a way making use of PDFBox to cause a watermark to be actually apparent when printed however certainly not when displayed? Otherwise, any sort of pointers of alternating answers would be actually appreciated.