Which Microsoft Word (and Excel) Interop Assembly or DLL Should I Reference?

I desire to recognize WHAT VARIATION OF THE DLL (as imagined above) GOES TO WHAT VARIATION OF THE PLAN. (as the label of the post recommends) (e.g. “For Word 14 (i.e. Word 2010), make use of the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word DLL variation” (is this the situation?

Office exposes COM user interfaces, not.NET user interfaces. Each PIA model can certainly not be particularly connected to a specific Office launch since the different launches support different COM user interfaces. You possess to set up Office as well as find out.

I can easily discover registry access for the things that is actually pointed out in exemption as certainly not discovered.

I am making an effort to automate word and also stand out utilizing their particular PIAs to get intellisense assistance, after that (due to the fact that the users don’t have the PIA assemblies/DLLs put up) get rid of the references to ensure it will operate as a COM item call without tossing an inaccuracy.

My understanding is that you can have/use a PIA that is of a various version than the system it references. Along with PIAs – which PIA model was created exclusively for Word 2007? And which model was actually designed for Word 2010?

Yes I had the ability to discover this particular CLSID in the Registry. I can easily verify that PIAs were actually mounted with the Office installation. I’ve attempted eliminating all of them and than mounting again but that has certainly not aided. Therefore has total Office 2016 reinstallation. I additionally tried COM reference to demanded public library however that possesses no result on exception.

Surprisingly I’ve discovered that this problem only worries about two out of four devices I have actually examined it on. Each one of the Personal computers have comparable arrangement, the same version of Office put up (as well as merely this version).

Notification every one of these highlighted ones all sound comparable and there are a number of models of the setting up. The web link I started along with recommends the title of the DLL in affiliation to the item variation (like WORD model 12– Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll) yet does not mention what variation of the PIA assembly. Therefore exactly how do I recognize which one to use?

My computer system has Office 2016 set up. I have actually tried reinstalling Office partly or fully but that has actually not helped.

If Word (Office) is presently installed it will be actually better to you that set of PIAs, not one thing you have actually downloaded and install and also are actually dispersing along with the job. The PIAs are put up by nonpayment when Office is installed.