MS Word Mail-Merge using SQLite database

Is it feasible to import data coming from an SQLite data bank if you want to utilize c# Word’s Email Merge component

Exists a different Data bank which Word assists and also is effortless to read/write to along with C#?

” Word’s email merge feature allows you use a wide array of data sources. Sustained information resources include Excel spread sheets, Accessibility databases, SQL Hosting server data sources.”

However, when I go to Edit Field, and after that attempt to add LINK to MERGEFIELD Hyperlinks, Word is going to not permit me. Indicating that when I kind LINK observed through a room, the “changeable” industry is actually gone.

I have not found everything related to the usage of SQLite data bank with Word Merge Component.

Word’s email combine may connect to just one data source -there is actually no technique to change or operate around that. You’ll need to have to discover some means to combine the relevant information coming from both sheets into one piece. If you were actually making use of a database I will mention generate a question for the function. I think there is a feature in Excel that can perform something comparable, but I can not remember its own name … But in any kind of case, this seems like a one-to-many condition, which is actually likewise something Word doesn’t manage simply. What is it you intend to accomplish with “Marks” information?

A mailmerge may simply reference one records resource at once. When it comes to an Excel book, for instance, that indicates a solitary worksheet. Having said that, a mailmerge major document may contain DATA BANK industries and also each DATA SOURCE area can reference whatever datasource you want it to. An even more thorough overview of the process could be discovered at:

On the Insert food selection, click on Field. In the Industry names list, click MergeField. In the business label text message carton, type the label of the records source area which contains the link, as well as after that click OK. If the name of the records source field is actually “Address1,” the industry code appears as adheres to

I additionally have been dealing with this. What I discovered to be actually the key is developing the document from the ground up and not waiting before executing the mail merge.

Start with the procedure below: However, like shown, the hyperlink (which ought to vary with the mail merge) is converted into a fixed web link when the Word file is resumed.

I do not, but I have actually utilized ODBC in the past times for email merges, typically it is actually put up the chauffeur, as well as then when in the mail combine for selecting the recipients you select “new resource” (it is actually under browse in Word 2010), as well as after that you can commonly follow by means of the witch, selecting your db, and what tables you desire and so on

I have two Excel Linen, Attendance.xlsx & Marks.xlsx, having two various data. As well as, I have a Word data, in which I am producing a Character with fixed design template using Email Merge alternative.

. Whether re establishing up the data bank in Gain access to, or only freshening the records in the succeed spreadsheet before the mailmerge is run. (Word may do this immediately however I’m not certain).